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14th Jun 2010, 07:14
hi all
as in my last post my wife has passed the uk test.in addition does she have to take an ESOL course uder the new rules or is she ok.

Gary & Nok
14th Jun 2010, 07:33
Passing the Life in the UK test is all you need for ILR and Citizenship, at this time.
There is no need for any ESOL course certificates as far as Visa/Citizenship is required (in your case).

The only reason to take an ESOL course now would be to improve your wifes English.

Of course who knows if the rules will change in the future so it is always best to apply for ILR/Citizenship at the earliest opportunity allowed.

Do you know the earliest date when your wife can apply for ILR?

14th Jun 2010, 08:12
hi gary,yeah its 16-08-10 the earliest date be glad when im sorted its a nghtmare.then i suppose she will go for a passport after that lol;