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16th Sep 2010, 16:34
Hi all
I have a Sony book reader which is now surplus to requirements and I am thinking of giving it to the family in Thailand. Does anyone:
a. Have experience of converting 1 to the thai language
b. Know of any source of (free) thai e-books

Please don't tell me can't be done or I'll have to give them my nice new shiny iPad instead - NOT !

17th Sep 2010, 01:59
Hello John. Can't help on the topic, but just wanted to say, nice to see you are still around. You don't seem to have posted for some time.:)


17th Sep 2010, 10:29
Dave you raised my book reader hopes only to dash them to the ground ! No I haven't been posting much - I bet you miss all those good arguments don't you

17th Sep 2010, 11:00
Did we disagree in the past John? I don't remember. Just nice to see your still with us.:)


17th Sep 2010, 11:16
Hi Dave - No I never did disageree with you to my knowledge. But I was known to get into a few arguments. Nice to talk to you too by the way !

19th Sep 2010, 06:45
I bought a BeBook when I was in the UK a few months ago (shipped from Holland), mainly because it will read any format and the Waterstones seemed to have a monopoly on the Sony Reader, as Amazon with the Kindle. This does offer Thai language as a menu option, but I confess I haven't tried it. I'm sure you've checked through your Settings menu to see if you have a similar option. If it doesn't maybe somebody offers a programme, because I've just come across a Thai website selling the Kindle - must be the first in Thailand, because up to now everybody seems to have been importing them. They offer a Thai language "patch" -
http://www.kindlethai.com/ - if it's for the Kindle I'm sure it won't work on a Sony, but it shows it's possible. But, a quick scan of the Sony Thailand website suggests they're not yet selling the Sony Reader in Thailand so you may be wasting your time.

What e-publications are available in Thai, I've no idea. My main source is the Gutenberg project, and they list 45 languages in which they have published fewer than 50 books, including some I've never heard of (Nahuatl, anybody?), but they don't include Thai. But I spend very little time looking for books for which I actually have to pay, so there may be something out there.

I love my Bebook, it's so user friendly, and the print quality is everything it's claimed to be. I did think about the iPad, but a multi-function thing with shiny screen and more than double the size and price wasn't what I wanted.