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  1. 9851colle's Avatar

    Can you read my post in Naturalisation for a spouse under crown sevice rules please.


  2. Tobias's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chanthaburi
    .. I value this web site, but not your pathetic comments!! maybe you should stay in the u.s.a. Chanthaburi
    You clearly do not value it enough. You're on a permanent forum holiday, don't send a postcard.

    You received an Infraction for public criticism of the Moderation Policy. You've received a ban for being a tool.

    For those readers who wish to read my "pathetic" comment you will find it here
    Updated 8th Jul 2012 at 09:36 by Tobias
  3. stephen1's Avatar
    can you tell me what words have been edited out thank you
  4. maokaang's Avatar
    I guess you mean Tuesday, 12th April.

    Happy birthday today by the way.
  5. kapook19's Avatar
    hi, Tobias. just got some question. once i got a divorce if i don't change my surname back to my own will i have any problem? and if i do decide to change it to my own what about an indefinite visa? will i have to change it as well? Thank you
  6. Wolfy's Avatar
    aah, Amsterdam,lovely. Could you do me a favour Tobias ? Could you bring back a block of Hashish for me, 50 guilders worth will do. Also if you could get me 500g of Cannabis Blueberry Seeds it would be much appreciated.

    Have a glass of Amstel for me !!