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Where's Tobias gone?

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Over the course of a year I receive a great many PMs seeking assistance on one matter or another.

Whilst I'm generally happy to answer queries from Community Members, for reasons discussed in this topic I prefer to answer any Legal or Visa related questions in the open forums rather than via PM.

If you have sent me a PM and are awaiting a reply the chances are I am away from home and/or either busy or have limited access to the internet. When I do have the opportunity to reply I will prioritise my responses to requests that have been made in the open forums as these are likely to be of more benefit to the Thailand-UK Community as a whole.

With the recent introduction of the T-UK Blog feature, I've started this Blog so those who have expressed an interest (or those who are just plain nosey!) can follow me. To see my current location see below or click here. If my location is in green you are likely to receive a reply quite soon, if my location is in red then there is likely to be a delay before you receive a response. Please use the T-UK forums to ask questions on any legal or visa issues rather than as a comment to a Blog entry.

If you have not received a reply to a PM within 3 or 4 days of sending it AND my location below is in green, please don't be shy at sending a gentle reminder!

I am going to be away from home quite a bit until at least the spring of 2014. I may not get chance to reply to posts or PMs as quickly as I'd like during this period. I will respond as soon as time permits, but there may be considerable delay.

I shall be away in the USA until Sunday, 9th June 2013.


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Updated 2nd May 2013 at 22:00 by Tobias

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  1. kapook19's Avatar
    hi, Tobias. just got some question. once i got a divorce if i don't change my surname back to my own will i have any problem? and if i do decide to change it to my own what about an indefinite visa? will i have to change it as well? Thank you
  2. stephen1's Avatar
    can you tell me what words have been edited out thank you
  3. Tobias's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chanthaburi
    .. I value this web site, but not your pathetic comments!! maybe you should stay in the u.s.a. Chanthaburi
    You clearly do not value it enough. You're on a permanent forum holiday, don't send a postcard.

    You received an Infraction for public criticism of the Moderation Policy. You've received a ban for being a tool.

    For those readers who wish to read my "pathetic" comment you will find it here
    Updated 8th Jul 2012 at 09:36 by Tobias
  4. 9851colle's Avatar

    Can you read my post in Naturalisation for a spouse under crown sevice rules please.