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Guava Photographs

Concrete And Flowers

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By Victory Monument station (Thai: สถานีอนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ)
Photograph © Guava 2011 all rights reserved

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  1. toddmeister's Avatar
    Amazing detail as ever. Guava your photo's always have a very unique finish to them. How do you create the "guava look"
  2. guava's Avatar

    The non-technical explanation is "a sprinkling of Guava fairydust"

    The technical:

    I sometimes use Photomatix for tonemapping and also sometimes will use LucisArt (as here) in my workflow. (^___^)

    This photo "Concrete and Flowers" is from 3 exposures, but Photomatix could not give me the effect that I wanted. I manually blended the 3 exposures, added a slight Whyeth filter in LucisArt. Then added another layer set to Multiply and reduced the opacity until I was happy. I added extra saturation in the flowers to add depth. A few other small adjustments and that's about it.

  3. toddmeister's Avatar
    ahh just as I suspected, the classic fairydust method
  4. Ally's Avatar
    I love this shot and i don't think i left a comment when i saw it on flickr. But it is very well composed with the 'S' shape sneaking through the shot leading the eye. Lovely.