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Three satangs in two fountains.

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I spent my latest sojourn up in the village doing a bit of landscape gardening - or more accurately, supervising Wan and her mum doing the landscaping due to my lack of work permit. I can't believe she actually still thinks that excuse is genuine!

Anyway, as she's not coming with me this time when I go to the UK in April, I rather rashly said that she could have the airfare equivalent to do with what she wished. I knew that Gucci handbags and Prada shoes are not her thing and I thought maybe a few plants and a couple of days out to the bustling metropolis of Lopburi or Phetchabun with her mum. No - she decided that the 20,000฿ would go on two water features for her mums garden and her garden in the village. The houses are next door to one another in a single 1 rai plot so the gardens are more or less communal. Fine I thought, but first you need to make sure that the bloke who makes these waterfalls in Pattaya will deliver them to the village, some 375km due north. He took a bit of persuading and a bit of understating the distance on Wan's part, but two sales in a day was too much to resist.

So a week ago we set off from Pattaya at 9am. He said his 10 ton truck with crane attached would take a while to get up there, so we went ahead and arranged to wait for him at a petrol station no far from the final destination. Needless to say, his lorry got there ahead of us and I didn't hang about, only stopping for about 20 minutes in Saraburi. He brought two helpers with him and everything went like clockwork. I had visions of the crane tearing down the electric cables or driving over mother-in-laws prize chrysanthemums but he manoeuvered the crane with deft precision and everything was done and dusted in about an hour. The statues and pumps were installed and Wan's collection of plaster British garden birds were duly incorporated in the set-up. The local birds didn't quite know what to make of blue tits and nuthatches invading their space.

Anyway, I've put it all on youtube here -

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