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Reading Half Marathon 2013

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Afternoon all,

This may be a little self indulgent but I am looking for a little motivator to drag me out of bed for my early morning runs.

I am running the Reading half marathon on Sunday March 17th. It will be the fourth time I have run the distance, the second time I have run Reading. The last time I ran Reading I took 2 hours 19 minutes. This year’s target is 2 hours 10 minutes. Its only 26 DAYS away!!!

Have been doing a little bit of training recently, not enough though. With the visa applications, my trip to Laos, Christmas, and various other bad excuses I am a tad behind.

Ideally I need to be running three times a week. A mixture of distance running, hill work, speed work etc.. At present I am making excuses that are only allowing me to run once.

I WILL wake up early tomorrow and do a run before work. I will bore you all with my progress over the coming weeks.

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  1. i_hate_theo's Avatar
    My alarm went off at 5:05 this morning. Didn't have a great nights sleep but no more bad excuses! I dragged my self out of bed, went downstairs and got into my running gear, bit of a warm up, and then walked to the start point of one of my regular runs at about 05:30.

    I ran 3.65 miles which is about 5.87km. It took me 32.41 mins which is actually about 1 minute quicker than my previous best time round the same circuit. If I factored this speed up to the half marathon distance, I would do it in 1 hour 58!! Don’t think I can maintain the speed for the distance though.

    I have a niggling pain in my left calf that I picked up when I done my long run on Saturday. Felt it again this morning but not enough to stop me running. Wish there was somewhere in London I could get a nice oil massage for £6 an hour

    I am overly heavy at the moment. Got up to 13 stone 6 late last year but managed to lose 10 lbs before my trip back to Laos. Wanted to look as best I could in my bikini I am about 13 stone 4 now. If I could lose half a stone before the race, that's 7 pounds less to carry round 13+ miles of the streets of Reading.

    Next run will either be early morning or after work on Friday. I will then be looking to do a local 10k circuit.

    At work now so better crack on
  2. i_hate_theo's Avatar
    The "small" pain in my calf got much more painful, could not run Friday because of it. Got a massage from my gf on Saturday but if anything, that made it worse. I decided to rest it, and eventually decided to give it a go Yesterday (Tuesday).

    Managed to do 10k in just short of 1 hour and felt really good for it. I felt that I was running at 90% pace, trying to protect my calf, the clock told me I was running at my normal (slow) pace so maybe I have more to give. My calf is a little tender today but nowt too serious.

    I will run again either Thursday night or Friday morning, 18 days to go!!!
  3. vinnie's Avatar
    keep up the good work mate,i to need get back into some training and early morning runs aint fun and in the winter i find it hard to get up in the dark cold wet mornings
  4. i_hate_theo's Avatar
    I ran again on Saturday, still finding it difficult to train exactly when I want now, with the family with me in the UK.

    I SMASHED my 10k personal best and felt really good for it. There was only 20 seconds covering my previous half dozen 10k runs. 59 minutes 58 seconds was my slowest down to my previous quickest of 59:38. This run was 55 minutes exactly so took almost 5 minutes off my previous PB

    I will be out again tonight, probably just going to do a fast 5k or some hill work. Plan is to get 2 or 3 runs in before the weekend then probably run 16k (10 miles) on Sunday before a much lighter week before the run on the 17th March.
  5. i_hate_theo's Avatar
    Race completed. Awful conditions, rained for virtually the entire race. I was not as prepared as I hoped (and thought). I paced the run soooooo bady, first 10k in 56 minutes and the second in about 80 minutes!!! Official time was 2 hours 16 minutes

    Aching today, knee hurting and back really stiff. Still really looking forward to the next one though, I will be better prepared