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  1. anyone got an UPDATED CHECK LIST for settlement visa please

    any info please
  2. hi thanks still confused so after i pay fee...

    hi thanks
    still confused
    so after i pay fee ..i then get an appointment for the biometrics and is this the same appointment that i will hand all paperwork in? and this will be in thailand ?
  3. biometrics appointment ? visa application ? same time ??

    bit confused ..the main questions please ... when do i get to book the biometrics appointment..before i pay the visa fee or after ?
    can i book for a certain date in advance ?
    is this the same...
  4. thank you

    thank you
  5. CERTIFICATE English language Test Medical TB time limits ??????

    hi how long are these test certificates valid for ..was wondering about getting them done before the Visa application approx 4/5 months later
  6. help please ..thai gf in england on tourist visa now pregnant

    any help advice please gf now 1 month pregnant ..came 24th december plan to go home to thailand march 14 but could stay to june when visa expires .. could i send her back march 14 and then...
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