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    999-9999 ต่อ ติด ตาย

    Year : 2002

    Directed by กำกับโดย :
    Peter Manus
    Starring นำแสดงโดย :
    Julachak Jakrapong, Sririta Jensen, Paula Taylor
    Genre ประเภท : Thriller

    Rainbow has just moved to an international school in Phuket. She soon becomes the center of attention as many new friends are curious to know about the recent death of a student at her old school up North. She relates it to a mysterious phone number, 999-9999, a number reputed to grant the caller’s wish. The victim apparently had his wish granted soon before he was found dead on a flagpole. Despite Rainbow’s warnings, many of her new peers decide to try this out. Although the various wishes are fulfilled, a series of accidental deaths occur, until Sun becomes the only teen in the group left alive. Death is awaiting him as he’s also made a wish which has yet to be fulfilled. Together, Rainbow and Sun must solve the mystery of the evil phone number, and stop whatever it’s going to bring to them.

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    Very simple, if you like films such as Final Destination and Scream, then you'll love this.

    If you don't, then you'll hate it.

    Good production values, young and attractive cast, most of whom can act. Predictable, but well presented, storyline.

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    Kinda like the Japanese movie 'Ring'.Okay but nothing special.
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