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    Default Sri Lankan Airlines

    Looking at flights for my ex to return to UK - one way. Sri Lankan quoting £259 which is a bargain. But how crap are they? Whats the interchange like?

    If they are rough, any other suggestions? Best I can get with Kayak in april is around £450 other than Kingfisher etc. but I hear the change at Bombay can be hell?

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    Only have to search about the Indian flights/airports and there are loads of posts on it. From what has been put it is not the best that you can get (that would be Gillette, sorry little joke) probably better to try a different stopover if possible.

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    We did bkk to bombay 2 years ago (was there on business).
    Its not the best place if departing and arriving but I think its not to bad if in transit. Typical bedlam of any asian hub with lots of rude people all demanding something.
    Great price though................
    Judging others before you have met isn't a wise option.

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    I know someone who used Sri Lankan last year and she thought they were very good with great food.

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    Mumbai is ok.....its just a bit down market. Maybe it will be sparkling when the new terminal is built next door. I have just come back with Jet via Dehli through the new terminal and although its not Dubai its certainly nothing to complain about. Why not try Sri bad can it be for a 200 saving ??.

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    You get what you pay for, there is a reason why some flights are cheap

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