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    Default Settlement Visa Start Date

    Hi all.

    I will be heading off to LOS next week to get married and submit my wifes settlement Visa, I know it lasts for 27 months , is that from the time she enters the Uk or from a start date on the Visa.
    There is a question in the application that asks for your travel date , how does this effect the visa start date ?
    If we submit the first week of sept then with current processing times I would like to put a travel date of the start of october, but this is earlier that the possible 60 days

    Many thanks in advance for your advice


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    A settlement visa is valid from the date of issue unless a later 'start' date is stipulated on the application form. The visa is valid for 27 months from its start date, not the date the holder first uses it to enter the UK.

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    Don't forget she will have to land in the UK not later than 3 months after the start date in order to meet the 24 month requirement to apply for ILR when that time comes. But i take it you are planning to come to the UK ASAP.
    You do have 3 months to sort it if you need to.

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    As Merseymike stated, do specify an actual date within three months for the visa to start, else it will start on the date of issue.
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