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    Default Can FLR(M) and ICFN with "work permitted" start a business as self employed?

    Hi guys,
    Can someone on a Spouse FLR(M) and ICFN with "work permitted" start a business as self-employed? I believe yes... but need reassurance.

    A reference to the UKBA website or other trusted source would be appreciated.

    I've looked for the answer to this on all the letters we've got, the UKBA website (clear as mud), Google and these forums... and can't find the answer. I have no doubt the answer really is in these forums but with the keywords I've used I can't find it.

    Many thanks.

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    Yes a spouse with FLR is entitled to work as a self-employed person and to start a business. The ICFN (now know as a biometric residence permit) is not a relevant issue in your case.
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