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    Default Fast track visa it problems at croydon and sheffield

    Hi all thought this maybe of interest to some people. just had it emailed to me.

    UKBA Croydon office chaos as computers crash

    On Thursday 3 May, hundreds of people queuing at UKBA's public enquiry office in Croydon, applying to extend or renew biometric residence permits, were told to go home because the computer system could not cope.

    The system has suffered repeated failures in recent weeks which culminated in a complete breakdown on Thursday. All afternoon appointments have now been cancelled for the next two weeks.

    Commentators have said that all alternative appointments were booked for at least the next three weeks. The only other option open to applicants is to apply by post and send in their passport to obtain a new visa, but that could risk being unable to travel, for weeks or even months, while the application is dealt with.

    Among those whose appointments were cancelled were foreign nationals who had paid £1,326 for a 24-hour visa service that enables them to keep their passport so they can continue to travel. The details of more than 600,000 foreign nationals living in Britain have been logged on the biometric residents' identity card database since it was set up four years ago.

    A UK Border Agency spokesperson said: "In order to complete cases that have been affected, we will be reducing the number of daily appointments until 18 May. We will prioritise completing all outstanding applications and those with cancelled appointments can rebook through the UKBA website or can submit postal applications using our postal service."

    The UKBA's public enquiry office in Sheffield also suffered with temporary IT issues yesterday which caused some delay for applicants. These issues were resolved by mid-afternoon and enrolment continued without similar threat of cancellation for Sheffield's upcoming appointments. Despite a number of nationwide disruptions to the UKBA biometric system in recent month.


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    Sums it up doesn't it they make the rules and you pay through the nose then it goes wrong and your made to feel it's your fault that they don't have a computer that can cope with the so called "fast track/priority" or whatever it is.

    What with the VFS thing and immigration queue's this end the whole of the UKBA is a shambles (watch out for the next resignation/sack of the boss never mind the MP in charge)

    colin 244

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    I am just glad my wife Noo and the two boys have ILR

    Next stop Naturalisation.

    Yes i agree with you i think there will be some jobs up for the chop soon.


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