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    Default which address to use.

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some advice, We are about to apply for Siyaphas first ever visit visa to the UK,
    but we may /or not have a problem.

    Siyapha is 49 yrs old and lives in a small apartment just off Chaeng Wattanna Road Lak-Si with her "small boy" nong Yok who is 17.5 yrs and attends Engineering college but lives with his mum. he will not be visiting the UK. she rents this apartment off her Brother in law for 4000 bht a month. She has no official agreement, or rent book, and although she pays the utility bills they are in her Brother in laws name. it was his apartment before he married her sister and i think Siyapha has lived there over 6 years.

    Her sister and brother in law live nearby in a house on a neighbouring estate. Siyaphas official home is her sisters adress. that is where her official documents go, address on payslips etc.

    I have however, sent gifts, letters, flowers, to the apartment address. so my question is which address should we use. I want her to come here not just for the visit and to meet my family but also because she is invited to my nieces wedding in July.

    I will be sponsering her and will continue to work some days when she is here. we have no itinery apart from visiting family and days out with a few days away. over the 3-4 weeks. it is short trip because of both our work commitments.

    I have another question.. due to the way I work. my holiday pay is worked out by hours for a 3 month period then added in to the 4th months salary. so this boosts my salary every 4 months. (next due July), is this likely to cause problems as her sponser.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Stevie and Siyapha

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    Your most difficult thing for you to overcome will be ( reason to Return ) Does she have a job ? how long have you known each other ? how do you keep in contact. How many times have you been over to see her
    All these are questions that the ECO will be looking at. You say she is renting from that I take it she does not have any assets in Thailand..
    You could say that in the future we are planing to marry and that I would ensure she keeps to the Visa restrictions and returns as you would not want to jeopardise any future application.
    But I do think it is going to be difficult without a solid reason for her to return to Thailand.
    This is my humble opinion. No doubt others will come back with advice.

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    Hi Vulcan, thank you very much. yes the Reason to return problem. If she can't get Thai sweet mangos here, she'll be on the first plane home.
    yes she does have a job, she works for IPSOS and IMS, interviewing Medical/ hospital staff about drugs and treatments.a job she loves and has done this for many years. It is on a project by project basis, and on average earns about 15000 + a month. She also stands to inherit a third of her elderly mothers house and a bit of land (shared between 3 sisters) in cheongchansao.

    her family are friends of my Thai family (stepmother and uncle) since she was teenager. we first met sept 2010 and i have been back twice more since, Jan 2011 and then this year Feb 2012 (long gap to my being unemployed, now working) we have kept in contact nearly every day since 1020 by either text or facebook messenger and telephone (2-3 times a week). she will be returning as she doesnt wish to miss her sons 18th birthday, She has a married son in Ayutthaya who is a teacher. She is very close to her boys having been a single mum for about the last 20 years. We also want to marry in Thailand later in the year. Siyapha is fully aware of the consequences of infringing the UK immigration rules and both of us have no wish to put at risk our relationship or future visas.


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