Appologies for the lack of posts or replies, no air card and then no net ;-)
Life is still great, had teachers day last week and ||I rexcieved a mass of flowers after the official event. This is the time after the morning ceremony that the students give their flowers to the teacher they like, I am very proud to say I am well liked, to the ponit I struggled not to cry at the end of the day.
I have now moved to a friends house and rent a room there, I have been allowed to build 2 chicken houses and now own 75 chicks, 20 layers and 55 for eating.
Tuesday I buy 100 more, 50 chicks that grow to big ones for eating and fetch good money and 50 more eaters as I want to have eaters ready every week, so this will e an ongoing project. I will breed the layers as they are expensive to buy. Yes I know how sad I sound and I don't care, I am really happy when I am looking after my chickens with my hosts families grandfather.
He has offerd me land for free(no rent) to put a thai style house on which I can move with me if i ever move, how generous is that!!
I have had confirmation that I have now passed my degree so I am just waiting for the certificate to come and I can go get my teachers license and work permit.
I have bought a new spacey honda scooter and a 2 stroke old bone shaker for fun, which I immediately blew up :-) it's so cheap to have done in the shop I am not bothering to get my hands dirty, anyway this weekend I am completing chicken house number 3 :-) baa I here you say, yep your probably right but I am distinctly happy.
I appologise now for any grammatical errors or any other mistakes, but again fast; fat fingers slow brain and also I don't really care ;-).
Big thanks to all the great people on here who support me and offer some great advice some i want to hear some i don't, please keep it comming.
PS I think maybe moo (pork, pigs) next as grandad says he may not replant all his land and wants me to have some.