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Thread: Child Benefit

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    The whole benefit system is wrong in who gets it and who does not, how much and why which will not be sorted by this government or the next and the next etc etc and so it will go on

    colin 244

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    Quote Originally Posted by colin244 View Post
    The whole benefit system is wrong in who gets it and who does not
    colin 244
    Ah well, the Govt. are making more claims about stopping a new influx from eastern europe being able to claim benefits here, I wonder if it could be applied retrospectively?
    'Tis me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey Jones View Post
    My neighbours earn approx £80k between them yet get to keep the payment because not one gets over £60k on their own. My wife & I earn less than they do but because I will be over £60k this year we lose it. So the household earning the least loses out. Strange how the government consider this fair.
    Actually you lose twice because, unlike with your neighbours income, there is only one tax allowance applied to the joint income. You and your wife can't combine your tax allowances together. So there's another loss of at least £4000 on top of your £1055 child benefit loss. Strangely, finances are considered as individuals with the income tax but not with child benefit...

    I read the UKIP are going to offer a combined marriage tax allowance. Conservatives are shooting themselves in the foot. It will split their vote.

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