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    Default Stamps or a letter still needed for FLR

    Does anybody know if a stamp or a letter from the bank is still needed to validate bank statements for FLR please? There is nothing to indicate that they are and the latest guidelines are from 2014.

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    When i did FLR, I had to get the Internet statements I’d printed stamped by the bank to verify them. If you are using statements sent through the post by the bank, then there’s no need.

    For ILR, I’ve changed from paperless back to receiving statements by post to save the hastle again

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    How long ago did you apply for FLR? The system has changed a lot.

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    Documents provided with the application must be originals. All supporting evidence must be in the form of original documents.

    Copies of any kind are not acceptable unless there are valid reasons for not being able to provide the original document.
    The reasons for not being able to provide the original document must be explained in a covering letter. We are unlikely to grant your application without the original document.
    We will accept electronic bank, building society or bill statements which are provided as evidence, where they are accompanied by a letter from the issuing authority on its headed stationery confirming that the documents are authentic, or bear the official stamp of the issuing authority on every page.
    Any documents which are not in English must be accompanied by a reliable English translation.

    Not sure if this helps but this is from the FLR guidance notes dated 12-2016.

    I used to be paperless until I started the visa journey plus there's always somewhere that wants proof of address i.e. doctors, car hire company etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasg View Post
    How long ago did you apply for FLR? The system has changed a lot.
    It was about 16 months ago. May have changed since, then again it may have not.

    If it it still needs doing, just remember if 1 months statement is 3 pages, then all need to be stamped not just the front page

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    i think my misses FLR was around the same time 16 months i used the m/c in Barclays bank and just got them stamped takes around 20 mins to print it isnt the fastest

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    I found the answer in the Appendix FM-SE and the requirements haven't changed.

    This link I found shows they updated it this month.

    Here it is for anybody who might need it.

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    last time i did the flr m for the wife i got the bank to print all the bank statements out and then get them stamped.

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