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    Default How to send a large crate to Northern Thailand? And how much? Help please??

    Hi all. this is a sort of travel question but for goods not people.

    We want to send a crate of used clothes, blankets etc for the poor up in the region North of Chiang Mai where they are in great need and it gets a bit cold (for them) at night.

    Value almost nil to us - immeasurable to them I guess. So - please can you good folks give me a pointer as to the cheapest way to send a crate or large box out there, how long it takes is not as important as to actually getting it there cheaply. Any links would be most helpful too.

    Our Contact up there is the Director of the Thai Bible League who advises that any crate put on the train in BKK can be met at the station in Chiang Mai by a pick up truck if that helps ideas.

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    I would start by having a word with a few Airlines. Sometimes they allow charity items to be flown free, not sure if this was just because a TV crew where following these particular items or if it is a 'normal' thing but must be worth a call/e-mail.
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    Don't use sevenseas worldwide what ever you do!

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