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6ixtynin9 - เรื่องตลก 69
(Ruang Talok 69)

Year : 1999

Directed by กำกับโดย :
Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
Starring นำแสดงโดย :
Lalita Panyopas, Tasanawalai Ongartittichai, Lack Phomtong
Genre ประเภท : Action / Comedy

How far would you go to protect a secret? An intriguing black comedy that follows the exploits of Tum (Lalita Panyopas). Shortly after losing her job, Tum finds a mysterious noodle box full of money on her doorstep. Curious, she takes the box inside and realises it's filled with cash! Before she can decide what to do with it, there's a knock at her door. Two thugs ask her if she has seen the box. Out of fear, she tells them she hasn't. They don't believe her, and force their way into her flat – only to be killed accidentally, by Tum! She then decides to get rid of their bodies, purchase a plane ticket, secure a passport, take the noodle box and get out of town. But even stranger coincidences set off a turn of events, which quickly spin out of control for Tum, forcing her into the centre of a thrilling, high stakes caper between Thai Boxing gangsters, corrupt executives and the bungling authorities.

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