Hi All

If anyone is interested we camped here (Krathing Waterfall/ Khao Kitchacut Nat Park) also quite recently. This waterfall has many levels and the higher you go the better they are. I think you can reach 8 levels but the last few are a little tough. This is a good park and although the waterfalls aren't deep enough for swimming you can still cool off in them and feed the fish, not as many as Phlio though. At the bottom where the campsite is there is a lake and you can rent kayaks for a nominal charge. There is also the mountain nearby which can be walked up but not all year, I didn't do this as it was not open in December I think its open from Feb to Apr. Something I would like to do in the future.

Nearby there is Khao Wat Sukim an interesting temple which is set on the side of a mountain. There is a large lake at the bottom with BIG fish they bread baps whole. A railway takes you up to the temple or you can take the steps. There is also a museum of sorts up there no charge but donations welcome.

Unlike Phlio waterfall this place is not a quick stop off on the way to Koh Change it's worthy of a day visit and more if you want to walk up the mountain to see Buddha's footprint. The location is west of Chanthaburi but it is 20 to 30 km north off Sukhumvit.

We enjoyed our visit there and will return. If anyone wants me to email some photos I can but there are plenty around on the web.

Regards Dave