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    Default Divorcing UK wife and getting remarried..pension problems..

    I wonder if any legal eagle can help me..I am planning to get divorced by the end of the year..and then getting married to my Thai girlfriend soon after and then applying for her to come to the UK for 30 months...I have enough pension now to cover the financial hurdle..However I have to apply for a pension sharing order after my divorce..My ex partner has agreed to take 20 per cent of my pension..After this I will still have enough pension to cover the £18600 barrier..
    Could I apply for a LTR visa before the pension sharing order is sorted out knowing that my finances will be reduced later but still be above £18600..but only just?

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    Why don,t you just live over there Tudor? With a pension like that you,d have a very comfortable lifestyle over there.
    Failing that you could still commute between the countries..and still have change left over.

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    Why do you "have to apply for a pension sharing order" it because the your ex wife wants it or because you have to from a legal side of things?............Sorry just being nosey because my ex and I didn't.


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