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    Default If she doesn't like it? [Is it possible to apply for 2nd settlement visa?]

    Hi all,

    I have successfully now married on paper with my wife and we are applying(without a tourist visa first) to go for a settlement visa.

    I was wondering if anyone knows, should we be successful applying for the settlement visa, if she does not like the UK this time and we return to Thailand, are we then not able in the future to re-apply for another settlement visa on the basis that we had one once and returned to Thailand?

    If this is the case, I may have to consider a tourist visa first..My apprehension to go for the tourist visa first is that it won't really give her a clear indication/experience of living in the UK(working her also) I would much rather go for the big one-settlement and adapt a or bust attitude but just considering my options at these final decision stages..

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you
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    A settlement visa is exactly what it says i.e. you want to settle in the UK but should your wife go back to LOS and the visa expires you can apply again but will have to give a good explanation of why (I will be going through this scenario at some point in the future)

    colin 244

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    If you apply for a settlement visa and she doesn't like it here and returns to Thailand there is nothing (apart from cash and your patience) that will stop you reapplying later after a return (I'm sure the Government would be more than happy to take the fees off of you multiple times) if you are still together and have good reasons.

    Takes me back a few years though when Aom and I went for a fiancee visa to see if she would like the UK first (could also have been a consideration for you too, though too late now and it does involve extra cost, time and hassle to get to the same place, which you have avoided), however, Aom took to the UK like a duck to water and now has heat bumps, mossie bites and missing luxuries upon return to Thailand eleven years on. I hope your wife settles and avoids any hassles that could cause an awkward future. Good luck and hope you are worrying over nothing.

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    If she came here and didn't like it first time round, what would make it any different on the second attempt?

    My wife also settled here very well immediately. We went straight for a settlement visa, no visit beforehand. In fact I was surprised at just how well she adapted. She has been here two years and I think it's me that's missing Thailand more than her.

    I guess how well your wife will settle will have a lot to do with her circumstances back home in Thailand. Is she very close to her family? See them everyday? If so, would it be a massive jolt to take her away from that? My wife has always spent prolonged periods of time living away from her family so that has never been an issue for us. She also made some very close friends here (both Thai and farang) which has helped massively too. Although I think the single most important factor has been decent availability of Thai food here. Not joking, if she couldn't cook her favourite Thai food here I'm sure home sickness would become a major issue

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    Agree largely with Toddy here.Depending on the life your wife had in Thailand can be significant on how they adapt to living over here.My missus left a good(secure)job and an independent lifestyle to come here.....been here for 8 years now...but I reckon given a choice she would go back to Thailand at the drop of a hat! But a lot of that is frustration at not getting a decent job.
    Other thai friends love it here.....but they are more appreciative of the opportunities over here as compared to the life they left behind...but I guess it's all relative.

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