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    Default Chance of getting a second visitor visa granted? Original visa still valid.

    Hello. This forum has been very helpful in getting my information together for my partners visitor visa to the UK. It was granted successfully and we have now been back from our 2 week holiday for a month.

    My question is how likely will it be for him to go back with me in March next year. Our circumstances are going to be exactly the same and the only problem I forsee is that his 'old' visa is still valid until february even though we have no intention of using it.

    In other words are we likely to be successful if I apply again in the near future when his current visa is still valid?

    We can prove he stayed the length of time he stated on the application etc and we can basically make an almost identical application for the next trip.

    Thanks everyone!

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    From what you say there appears to be no reason why a second visitor visa application should be refused.
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