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    Default Bangkok to Khon Kaen - Royal Silk Class Cabin

    The last time I used this class was about 6 years ago and it was a little dated then..

    Has anyone used this class recently or know if it's been refurbished ?


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    Can't answer your question. But is it even worth it on a 55min flight??

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    What do you get for the extra... a bigger seat a glass of orange and hot towel and a slightly better meal oh and a newspaper nearly forgot a liitle extra weight allowance if you need it. If you go for it, enjoy.

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    Same on NOK from BKK - PHS business class (only seats available that day and we needed to be there so bit the bullet I thought to avoid wifey aggro) a newspaper/served first/wider seat/ coffee and a cake plus a better view of the girls in yellow in the jump seats on take off/landing (not that I could look properly with wifey next to me ) anyway as above enjoy your trip.

    colin 244

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    Yeah , as above posts not really worth it for the less than hour flight is it. BUT when I used to go see the ex and family in Udon - after the overnight from London and 3pm arrival in Bangkok, the use of the 1st class lounge to wait for that evenings flight was worth it becasue of the freebees that went with that, also luggage off first at the other end.

    So if one seat and you book it from tghe Uk and pay the 30 quid extra or indeded can get it as part of the main flight package then why not. or you might think yopu c ould spend 20 or the 30 quid better on the trip.

    - enjoy Skippy

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    Ive used it once, apart from the departure lounge and the food/drinks there, its just a bigger seat,a pastury fresh orange juice and a news paper. would not even consider it coming back from Khon Kean.
    still the kids could say say they had flown silk class once even it was for only 55 mins lol

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