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    Default Having 2 Passports (Legally) in Different Names

    The background is that we brought our niece with us to the UK at the same time as my wife got her Settlement Visa. The niece entered the UK by the UKBA defacto adoption route because she had been living with us for a few years in Thailand before we decided to return to the UK.

    In the meantime we have decided to legally adopt our niece and the process should be complete in the next few weeks. On completion of the adoption process our niece, as well as then being considered as our adopted daughter, will also become a British Citizen.

    This leads to the situation where she can get a UK passport in my surname (the name that will be on her new British birth certificate issued on completion of the adoption process) but her Thai passport still has her original surname. I know that having 2 passports i.e. Thai and British isn’t a problem – but what if they are in different names?

    The thought of returning the local amphur office with British adoption documents translated into Thai to try to change her name before going to the Thai passport office feels like a route doomed to failure. So does anyone have any idea on her options?

    I am assuming that the ways round it may be to carry a copy of her adoption papers with both passports or just travel with one passport – choosing the best one before leaving home.
    Does anyone have any ideas or better still first hand knowledge?

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    There was a thread a while ago about getting Thai passports with changed names in the UK via the Thai embassy.

    I would suggest that they might be your first point of contact.

    You will still have to go through the legalisation of documents, such as your neice's Thai birth certificate, and possibly the documentation that shows her name change after adoption, to the satisfaction of the officials at the embassy, but you can do that without the pressing timescale of being in Thailand on a visit.
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    Somethings telling me that a Thai minor cannot change their name on a Thai birth certificate and therefore cannot get a name change on a Thai passport. This all changes when they become adult (think it is 17).
    Something also tells me there is a section (in Thai only) on the Thai embassy website with documents you can download and read the rules. Might be worth a look.

    I assume the 'adoption' was carried out in Thailand...........
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    Thanks for the responses so far. The adoption is taking place in the UK and as part of the process the court takes and holds the original birth certificate for a period of time - 100 years I think (I have asked my solicitor to see if there is any way that can be avoided in our case because the adoption deals with someone who was not a British citizen before the process began). So there won't be a Thai birth certificate available for any steps, my niece will only have a British birth certificate.

    My wife recalls that she only needed her tabien baan and ID card to renew her passport, so maybe that's just the answer when renewing my niece's passport. However that doesn't address the issue of travelling with 2 passports with different names.

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    my wife travels with 2 passports in different names, you just need a copy of the change of name proof, in my wifes case a marriage certificate, i have never seen a birth certificate for my wife, ( and have never needed it from settlement through to citizenship) whilst in thailand everything is done with id card and house book.

    good luck

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