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    Default When did they cancel use of the TOEIC tests?!!

    Good day all, or actually maybe not, at least not in my case!

    The Mrs has already taken the TOEIC reading and listening test a few months ago and passed with flying colours. She had to fly from Phuket to BKK and stay 2 nights in hotel to get it done.

    Today she she attended the same place again to sit the final two parts of the TOEIC test, again paying the price of the test/ flight/ hotel etc. when she got there and waited 1 hour someone eventually asked her why she was there. Eventually it came out that TOEIC no longer has the contract with UKBA to do the tests!!

    i realise it's no longer UKBA but the Home Office but this test has been booked a few months and no one called to tell her it was cancelled. Also she can't use the test results she's already done!

    can someone fill me in on what's changed and how we could go about making a complaint. Would appreciate it Cheers!

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    Same same as us Laslos. my wife got a text fro the test centre a few days before sitting the speaking test. why all these test centres test the way they do is a mystery to me, as all that's needed is speaking and listening, not reading writing but nobody does just speaking and listening.
    We have had to pay again with a different company /test. which has delayed our application.

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    It's a disgrace! We've wasted a load of time and at least £160 and the joke is, it's still on the Home Office website as recommended test centres. So can anyone give updates or advice as to alternatives in Phuket or Bangkok?

    I'm going through the list but dates are few and far between.

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