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    Default Thai health insurance

    Hi all,
    my wife has recently arrived in the uk on a settlement visa, hopefully staying at least 5 years to qualify for citizenship.
    apparently she has been paying health insurance in Thailand for the last 14 years. she thinks that if she continues paying each month, not only will she be covered if we return to Thailand, but also when she reaches a certain age she can claim back a percentage of all the premiums paid.
    the payment scheme seems to have been set up by a former employer, so she's a bit vague on the details - when she 's been for treatment she just shows her ID. card and the hospital have sorted it. probably a government scheme.
    can anyone shed any light and possibly let me know how I could contact the government if it is indeed a government scheme?

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    update: my wife is in a government scheme. we've found a telephone number for the central government admin. (66) 029562722. from this you can ask for the number of the particular team that administers the employer who has paid the insurance contributions. it appears that if the Thai national continues making payments until they are 55, they will get a monthly pension. if they stop the payments, they will no longer be covered for health costs but they will get a one off lump sum at 55. figures will vary according to contributions made over what time scale.

    it would also appear that in order to cancel the payments, the Thai national has to present themselves in person to the relevant office in Thailand, although we're still seeking clarification on this point - something to consider before you leave Thailand for 5 years!
    Hope this helps anyone in the same boat.

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    Another update: government employee told my wife this morning that if payments are not able to be collected, then after 3 months the policy will be closed, but the health cover will remain for a further 6 months.

    Also, it appears the Thai national will get a pension at 55 if they have paid a minimum of 180 months of contributions, below this they get a one off lump sum.

    don't no why it doesn't seem to be possible to cancel payments from abroad in the same way you could cancel a direct debit in the uk, but the policy can effectively be cancelled from anywhere in the world by making sure there are not enough funds in the account, which won't be hard - it's the other way round that I struggle with!

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    This is helpful. Cheers!

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    not wanting to pry but would it not be worth continuing to pay and collect the pension, and also would be covered on trips back to thailand, save on travel insurance. only you know the figures involved and the years left to age 55

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    been off the grid for a while, and only just seen this, hence the three month delay in replying, but if you're still interested steve187; you're right, in some cases it would be worth continuing paying. eg. if you make frequent trips to Thailand and/or you are close to 55 and /or you suffer from ill health. in our case, none of those apply. However, we did decide to continue paying, mainly for my wife's peace of mind and also to hedge our bets incase we ended up moving to Thailand, (a pipe dream bubbling away at the back of my mind).
    incidently, don't get carried away with the notion of the pension offering a cosy retirement, last time we looked it was about ten quid a month.

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