Hello again...

I posted a few months ago prior to obtaining a 2nd UK holiday VISA for my G/F.
We are now in the UK and things are going well.

Already, I can see her VISA expiry date 8th Jan 2015 fast approaching and want to pick the brains of the forum members here to see what the next logical step would be.

To give you a flavour of whats what I'll offer up a bit of info on potential options.

I have a business that I can, to a degree, run remotely so Ive been out in Thailand since the beginning of the year making the odd trip back to the UK for meetings however, for a number of reasons for the next 12 - 18 months I will need to be in the UK much much more, like 75% of the time.

So, It would be much easier for the forceable future for Ann to be in the UK.

In terms of options - we have a partner company based in BKK and I potentially have the option to ask them to put Ann on their payroll. My question on this is simply; would this be a viable route to get her a business VISA?? or is it just a far-fetched idea??

Another option would be to marry... can anyone offer a snapshot of info on this option? such as where you need to get married, how long does it take, whats the VISA process after that?

Finally could I get her another tourist VISA...how long would we need to wait between visits?

We have no intention at the moment to live permanently in the UK, but we would like to option to "come and go" as we please.....

I appreciate that all of this info will be tucked away on this forum but to trail thru it all seem overwhelming to me

Of course, if anyone has any better ideas than the above I love to hear them!

Thanks so much for your help!