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Thread: Oh Dear Iceland

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    Quote Originally Posted by caller View Post
    Maybe Iceland should open a store in Thailand?
    Now there's a thought!

    They operate stores in Ireland, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal, and I see that Iceland International exports its own branded products to over 30 countries across the globe.

    I wonder whether their CEO Malcolm Walker would be interested in Thailand...

    Given the names of the other big retail chains operating in Thailand, maybe it could be named along the lines of "Iced Lotus" or "Zero C".
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    In the program that aired about Iceland they went to LOS to do tasting tests and if I remember rightly they actually get some of their food made there (spring rolls come to mind).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rawdonlad View Post
    Love my making my Yorkshire's and had many fillings in them over the years including Green curry and Massaman
    Mate, thats inspired

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