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    Default Documents required for changing passport name?


    My wife has changed her ID card and we now want to change the name on her passport. Can someone let me know what documents she needs to bring to the passport office in Bangkok?

    Is it ID CARD, CURRENT PASSPORT and that's all? Or do we have to bring anything more like marriage certificate or birth certificate? I would presume that as her ID card now has my surname, that will suffice to prove we are married etc. I hope so as we are currently in Bangkok and only have her ID CARD(with my surname) and CURRENT PASSPORT with her maiden name here. The rest is 200km away!

    Please advise me?

    Thank you!

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    Default more thing...does she have to change her surname/does it help for settlement visa application or can she keep her existing family surname on passport?

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    Hi asmith, as far as I know her ID card and passport is all she should need they will put her new name on the next page in the passport don't think you will need marriage certificate, as her new name is on the ID card, she has no need to change her name but it does help to have all names the same.
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    thank you so much. a friend of mine is convinced that we need the name change certificate...not the marriage certificate.. we do have it but it is not with us in bangkok right now... anyone know?? I really don't want to go to the passport office to find out we don't have the right papers....

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