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    Default Spouse visa-Please help me on names for passport/TB test etc


    My wife currently has a passport in her maiden name(it expires in June of this year). We have changed her ID card to my surname already after we married. She has passed the KET test with her maiden name. My understanding is that we now need to do the TB test and change her passport to my surname before submitting the application for spouse visa but we are in a chicken and egg situation..

    I arrive in Thailand 25th December and am here for two weeks. We had planned to apply for a new passport on monday 29th(and change name on her passport). We would then collect the new passport the following week around 5th/6th January(as the xmas period will mean we will have to wait until then) We had planned to then go straight for a TB test on the 6th/7th and immediately submit the online application to the VFS so that we can ideally visit the VFS and submit documents on my last day there friday 9th Januray.

    The problem I have is that the appointment with the IOM will need to be booked a week in advance and we are supposed to submit her new passport details to the IOM when making the appointment. If we have to wait for the new passport details to come through, it will not leave us enough time to make the appointment for the day after we pick up the new passport.

    Does anyone know a way around this?

    Either a. Upon application, will the passport office issue us all the details we require about the new passport so we can make an appointment with the IOM for the following week?

    Or b, Will the passport office tell us the number of the new passport and that will suffice fro the IOM if we give them the issue date/expiry date on day of appointment? On the IOM online form it does request all details of passport.

    I am aware that if we had not changed her ID card already, we may not have these problems now but as we have changed her ID card(and her passport runs out in 6 months anyway) we do need to change her paspport name and the TB test must be in the same name as passport and ID card.

    Please can someone advise me?

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    This post needs to be liked up with the other question from asmith Mr MOD

    colin 244

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    My wife had 2 years to run on her passport, she just got a new one in her married name, took 3 days she says, as she collected it herself from the passport office.

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    Would not worry about passport. Can do it in BKK and get it next day if you go early enough. TB cert in maiden name no issues as will be evidenced with old passport. Worrying over nothing.


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    Leave the passport and do application in maiden name, The surname change could be done at the next passport renewal.

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