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    Default Surinder Singh from Ireland

    This is a valuable insight into applying for a UK Family Permit from Ireland after several months trying to establish COL (centre of life) in that country - from a facebook group i follow -
    "Just had the phone conversation with the IO called Peter Winters and here is the feedback. I had this morning provided payslips to prove that Ive been in Ireland all the time working so he is happy with that. so then he asked why do we want to go to England after such a short time in Ireland and he doesn't really think it's a strong case for COL. I said I just think it's time, I miss my family and want my husband to get to know them. He asked if I had ever applied for the settlement visa and I said I spent 18 months away from my husband trying to meet the criteria but lost my job and things just didn't work out. Then he said 'so you obviously decided to do it this way because it's easier and quicker'. He then went on to probe me about where I got all my case law in the letter, blah bah and that there is one letter that keeps cropping up in different formats. I said I'd been reading up on this for a long time and I'd been on immigration boards, that type of thing (I was vague, but they are just dying to find out about this group!) I said why are we talking about this, I'm not interested in what other people are doing or immigration internet sites, I'm only interested in my case and I thought that's why we are having this phone call. He said well it's clear that there are hundreds doing the same thing and we must get to the bottom of it. Also he asked if I had work set up when I go back to the UK and I said I don't need to tell you that as part of the FP application but I was temping before and can easily pick up temp work with my old agency.So the upshot is he's happy I've been here working and doing what I need to do, he's happy about our relationship but he might refuse us on not doing COL for long enough."

    To me, that strongly indicates how much the immigration bods are watching the rise and rise of Surinder Singh apps.

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    Shocking, just truly shocking.
    The rules are the rules. Bend them, stretch them its all the same, legal OR not. Black or white.

    Why does this UK government simply make it that way and stop fannying around so that people can organize their life.
    Judging others before you have met isn't a wise option.

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    Simply because Mrs May and the Nasty party just want to show they have got immigration figures down..
    Doesn't matter that it breaks up families and causes so many problems..
    The name the Nasty party from the 1990s is so apt..Let's pray Mrs. May does not ever become prime minister..No one will be allowed in..

    Her latest idea of to send the brightest foreign post graduate students back home so they have to apply for jobs in the uk from their homeland is just another example..These bright ,talented graduates will now go to Australia or Canada or the USA ..We educate them to the highest standards and then these talented scientists or engineers go to other English speaking countries..

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    I thought that was the whole idea...... We do not want to have a highly trained indigenous population.............who would be around to tug their fore locks for the aristocracy?
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