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    Default Test requirement for FLR


    Sorry to go over much discussed ground but rather than searching for hours on here I just wanted to ask(am at work so don't have time to search the forum)

    Can someone let me know. Is the B1 English test/Life in the UK test required after 5 years of my wife joining me on the UK (ILR stage?) or at FLR stage(I believe that is 2 years and 7 months)

    She has passed the A1 KET test and achieved level A2 with a 70% pass mark.. Settlement application in process now... I just want to get clear in my head when the next round of tests are required!?

    I am also confused about 5 year/10 year-I have read on here that some visas allow 10 years?? Or is this someone applying for FLR several times??!

    Thank you

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    You need B1 test result and LITUK test for Indefinite leave to remain and/or British citizenship..or you can apply for FLR after 5 years again if tests not passed. I think after 10 years you can apply for LTR but I think you still need the 2 tests..Clear as mud really..I think after 65 years old you are not required to take the tests..

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    Thank you. So after 2 years 7 months we don't need to do any tests? Just apply for FLR...then after 5 years we need to do B1 test and Life in the UK to get ILR but if she does not pass them/we don't want to do them..we could apply for another FLR with no tests?

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    That's if they don't change the requirements before the 5 years is up, which they have a habit of doing

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    Indeed they do! Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by asmith View Post
    at FLR stage(I believe that is 2 years and 7 months)
    I think you will find that FLR is after 30 months and you will be able to apply 28 days before the 30 month anniversary of arrival in the UK.
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