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    Default Is thai the hardest language ?

    Perhaps not according to our friends in the US

    see here

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    Love the comments underneath the article, some people still flogging the Esperanto horse, very amusing.

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    I concur with the webpage that was linked to. I tried learning Mandarin and that was exceptionally hard. I've also learnt Polish and that was on a par with Thai, perhaps even more difficult despite the fact that the alphabet gives you a head start. Another difficult language I've tried is Hungarian. But yes, Thai is difficult for English Speakers, though the tenses (lack of? - I'm no expert) makes it easier than some other languages.
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    From the link on the website to Thai....

    "The Thai people originally came from China. They moved into the Indochina peninsula some 2,000 years ago. Thai is first attested by an inscription dating back to the late 13th century AD. Initially, the Thais were dominated by the Mon and then later by the Khmer. They became independent by the mid 13th century AD. Their country then became known as Siam, and the language as Siamese. In 1939, Siam became the Kingdom of Thailand."

    "Thai is the official national language of Thailand. It is taught and used as a medium of instruction in schools, by the media and in all government affairs. An estimated 80% of Thaland’s population speaks Thai as their first or second language. Thai serves as a lingua franca, or language of wider communication, for speakers of the country’s 74 different languages. Most newspapers and periodicals are in Standard Thai, although there is a number of them in Chinese, English, and Malay. The Thai government promotes the use of Standard Thai."

    I asked my DW to confirm the above. NOT Chinese.......

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    How many Chinese superstitions are there ??

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