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    Default Biometric and FLR


    My wife is here on a spouse visa/settlement which expires after 29 months and she arrived in March this year, so still has over 2 years before we need to apply for FLR and then if we choose to ILR.

    2 separate questions:

    1. Recently heard that there are new biometric requirements coming in-do these apply for people who already have visa to be here in the UK?

    2. When we come round to applying for FLR, what evidence/documents will we need to ensure she gets it? My understanding is that she will just need to show evidence such as letters etc that she has been living with me and obviously I would need to meet the financial requirements again. Is there anything else I am not aware of in advance? No more tests or other hidden requirements that are going to shock me at the last minute?

    Thank you

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    2. You'll need to supply letters addressed in joint names, for example joint bank account statements, utility bills, council tax bill. I think the official line is to supply 8 letters spread over the duration of her time spent living together.
    If you can't supply the full amount in joint names (we couldn't) then you have to supply additional letters addressed to you both individually. For my wife I included things such as her NHS letters, the letter sent to her confirming her NI number, employment letters such as wage slips and P60, anything official, things like that.

    I also included other items such as our sons birth certificate showing us both named as parents.

    As for more tests, probably by the time your wife has to apply

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    I do believe that when your wife applies for FLR she will be issued with a credit card size ID card which will possibly replace the visa stamp in her passport..A newly arrived non EU spouse has to apply for the ID card within a few days of arriving in the UK..
    Bad news that you do not mention..You will have to pay the £500 NHS surcharge. with the FLR visa..because your wife arrived in March this year she escaped that fee!

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