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    Default Settlement visa savings to offset shortfall in income

    Hello Everyone,

    Looking for some advise on Settlement visa rules.

    We are planning for my wife to apply for her settlement visa this year, but I do not earn enough salary for the financial requirements, so will use my savings to supplement my income, but even then still need £5k more., but if include my wife's savings in her bank account in Thailand then would be enough.

    So question is do her savings qualify, and can we count the combined total of hers and my savings to offset the shortfall in my income?

    (we have both had these savings in our respective bank accounts for over 6 month)

    Thanks in advance for any information
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    Cleethorpes..the last resort.


    According to the Financial Requirement of the Immigration Directorate Instruction..Family can count your cash savings and your partners savings to offset any shortfall in your income but you need to provide specified evidence .6 months at least of bank statements from each bank and a declaration by each person of the source of the savings.The savings need to be immediately available to withdraw and may be in a savings/bank/deposit/investment account.The savings in Thailand have to be in a bank recognised by the Thai banking authorities..
    However if the Thai Baht falls against the pound like it has recently your spouses savings in Thailand could lose a lot of their value..

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