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    Default No Escape - Owen Wilson

    After moving his family to a new life in south east Asia, Jack (Owen Wilson) feels like things are beginning to fall into place. However, this paradise proves to be short-lived, as the political tensions of their new surroundings collapse, and civilisation descends into madness. It’s not long before a violent coup begins, and Jack fears for the safety of his family.

    In a desperate bid to escape, they embark on a mission to get to the American Embassy, but the way there is paved with danger.

    Seems a bit far-

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    I remember reading about this film when I was in Thailand earlier in the year. Apparently it was originally going to be called "The Coup" but as it was filmed on Thailand & the obvious comparisons with the situation there at the time it's name was changed.

    It's causing a bit of controversy in Cambodia too as apparently the lettering on the police riot shields etc. is upside down Cambodian script

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    I like Owen Wilson but in comedy roles only. I can't take him seriously in films such as these.

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    take note this is what would happen in a extreme country ,or any of that matter showed they are good people from all walks of life enjoyed the movie

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