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    Default What are the latest Thai TV Options

    I know there are several threads on this subject but many are quite old now. My girlfriend will be visiting next year and I'm likely to be working for a fair amount of the time she's here so I'd like her to be able to watch Thai TV. What are the current Satellite TV Options? (Not Internet) And what are the costs?

    Other than Sky and Freesat, I have no experience of Satellite TV so I would like to know what the best/easiest system is in terms of receivers/boxes. For example, is there an all encompassing receiver available that will serve both my current (Freesat) TV system and whatever Thai TV is available? Will I need 2 dishes? A motorised dish.......bla bla bla.

    My dish is at a hideous height and I'm currently having signal problems which I'm about to sort - so whilst I'm up there sorting the Freesat problem, it would seem a good idea to install whatever I need for Thai TV.

    I could go to an internet based system but it would mean considerable expense. The wired internet in my village is crap - about 3meg on a good day - 1.5 most days so I recently switched to a wifi system supplied by a company who built a mast locally. Its not the cheapest system in the world though and although 20meg is available, I currently subscribe to their 10meg package and share it with my daughter next door (pair of semi's). However, the box is in her house so she get's first shout. I just connect to it through wifi and when she's downloading something my signal can be a bit iffy. I'd rather avoid internet based TV unless its far superior and would justify me putting my own system in or upgrading the one I share.

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    Only Thai tv on Satellite is Thai Global Network (TGN) which is a Thai Army run channel, one channel showing a mix of thai tv but mostly public broadcast stuff. It is broadcast from hotbird 13 satellite which may be to low in the sky for you to get a signal up that far north. If you can get it you will need a second dish of at least a 80cm and the alinement needs to be spot on. You can use your freesat box in non freesat mode to tune in to it ( you can toggle between freesat/non freesat in settings on your box) A cable switch can be got to save the changing cable feed to your box from one dish to another. I did the set up a few years ago but its not really worth the hassel for the limited choice you get. My internet is not the fastest in the world, about 2mbps but it just about copes with dootv via the Roku wifi box.
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    Can only echo what fish has said. Satellite really is a non starter, you should be able to pick up TGN in N.Yorkshire (we did in Newcastle) but it's really not worth it. I seem to remember there was one other channel which featured 24 hour coverage of buddhist monks, Dhamma TV or something.
    Dootv really is the best answer, although my missus just uses her laptop rather than roku
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    Another option for you is if you upgrade your internet speed and buy an M8 android box and install XBMC/KODI onto it. There are plenty of links to Thai TV, if you go on youtube there are tutorials and walk throughs to help you.
    The boxes are for sale on Amazon for around £35-40.

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    Panee watches all her TV programmes and films on YouTube... Either watch on a device or use a Smart TV with YouTube on or an Apple TV where you can type in Thai on your phone and then watch on the TV...
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