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    Default New state pension

    So, just before Christmas I was sent an email from HMRC about the new state pension

    It said consult the website for an approx amount I may or may not get

    I'm 46 & either worked & had ni deducted or self employed & paid voluntarily.

    I have a 10yr LGPS pension

    The website is not clear

    It calculated what I may get before new state pension & then says £4.14 or something each year until I reach the £150 max or retirement age

    It then says LGPS might render state pension less etc.

    Anyone the wiser?

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    I would be interested to know the outcome of this as I too have a few years LGPS and thought that would not affect the state pension, I don't see why it should!! It is, after all, just another for of occupational pension, all very worrying...

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    I agree

    Although I did read it may affect it but why? Who knows.

    I just want to know!!

    I've got a few pension avenues, state pension, LGPS, flat rented so not worrying to much.

    As long as I get the equivalent of £15k in today's money I can live a comfy life, nothing extravagant but comfy.

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