Had a look at this place which has just opened, it's between the temple complex Wat Yan and Sukhumvit Rd. Na Jomtien area. There are a lot of new things in this area this being the latest. Cost of entry 180bt foreigner adult I think kids 90bt. Thai adults 90bt kids cheaper 40 or 50 I think. I got in at Thai price and to be honest it's way overpriced at that. They have spent lots of cash building a little Swiss village but most buildings are empty and for show, others are little shops selling gifts, sweets and coffee etc. You can feed some sheep with a free handful of grass other animal food you pay extra for and the highlight is they have a sheep race which you can bet on free of charge, winner gets a small cuddly toy. There is a field of goats, some donkeys and horses too, horse riding 100bt (no hats) along the path. They also have alpaca's too which you can see for an extra charge I think it was 150 baht which is crazy, They had a sign on a house saying meet the rabbits but it was locked as apparently they don't have any.
It's better to visit Greta or Wonder farm they have a warmer hands on feeling and no entry cost when I last visited, still have extra's though there to pay for animal food etc. Greta farm have now started to charge for the trampoline and again for the kiddies play area.
My advice is to keep your hard earned cash for something better.