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    Default Exporting goods from BKK port

    We want to export some oils from Thailand to the UK. The company who supplies the oils packs them into various sizes of 10 / 20 and 50 ltr containers and pallets them up. They send them to a port in BKK but we have to do the rest.

    So the first question is about duty on massage oils / products and the second is, any recommendations for a shipping company that can organise shipping to a northern port in the UK?

    We we reside in the UK and not Thailand.

    Thanks Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merc Fintail View Post
    So the first question is about duty on massage oils / products and the second is, any recommendations for a shipping company that can organise shipping to a northern port in the UK?
    Not so sure if there is import duty on massage & essential oils, I would be surprised if there is. There will be vat @ 20% to pay on the cost of the oils. If your unsure or interested in importing other goods then use this site to check import duty and vat, you will need the HS commodity code of the product you are intending to import.

    I use a company called Woodland Global Group to handle all my imports.
    There is probably cheaper company's out there but I have an excellent relationship with Woodland. They don't just handle all the freight from A to B but they also pay all duty and vat on my behalf. I just upload funds into my account with them and they do all the rest.

    I looked into importing goods out of Thailand, bamboo and coir were 2 products I was interested in, not only was China and India slightly cheaper for the products, the freight was coming in cheaper too.

    Goods sent to BKK will probably be shipped to Singapore before being shipped to the UK. I always look for suppliers within close proximity of a major shipping port, keeps internal freight fees to a minimum.

    I would say you would be looking at £240 plus to ship a 1000kg pallet, the pound is very weak at the moment, I only got $1.39 to the £ on Friday.
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    Greg is spot on, you can source any duty via his link and yes VAT is to be paid but as he says, get an agent to handle everything. Carefully read the catagory the oils come under. Make 100% sure you have an authentic MSDS to go along with it for customs. They need to be sure there are no toxins in it.
    There are loads of shipping agents in or around the weekend market who will help you. I would advise against trying to do yourself unless it is a full container. These agents will appoint a uk agent included.
    Most shipping comes to the south coast but a pallet (0-1000kg) will cost circa 100GBP to be transported to a premises up north.
    So whatever the agent charges to ship, you will have import duty, Vat and UK inland delivery to add here.
    The agent will use their vat reg as a proxey.
    My wife set up a company 15 years ago with HMG and has an import licence and temp vat number. It is still valid even although she stopped trading some years ago.
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