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    Default Expat returning to UK and need advice on Spouse visa

    I am a UK national and will be returning to UK to live this year.
    My Wife is Thai and currently living in Thailand (i'm in UAE)

    I was after some advice on the process (or where to look) for getting a visa for my wife when I go back. I will be jobless on my return.

    I heard I have to wait 6 months after I get a job to even apply. is this right?

    Hope someone can help

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    Probably best to start with this guide on the visa section:

    As a rough guide, you will need an income of £18,600 to be able to demonstrate you can support your wife.

    Good luck, lot's of reading to do and your wife will have various tests to pass.
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    If you have £62500 in savings you could perhaps apply straightaway depending on your circumstances..Your wife will need to pass and English test at A1 level or above and need a TB certificate..
    This link will tell you everything you need to know about the Financial requirements..

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    The document that TudorOwen1 has linked to is REALLY useful. Read it, then read it again, then print it and read it and then read it again. I have been doing and discover different approaches, both good and bad each time as I (think I ) understand it a little more.

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