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    Default Thai talent show- does the mrs watch?

    We have to every night, there are lots of them and just as crap as the UK ones. Judges are often clueless and the same old sob stories, dad had his leg off, mum got cancer, we owe 5 million baht etc etc. Some of the contestants are only on there to laugh at of course and most of the others are deluded if they think they can sing.
    Most famous is the Star show now in it's 12 th year, that turned down Baowee as not good enough and then let a girl win who, how shall I put it, was not as pure as the driven snow if you get my drift.
    Finals now every Sat at 8 with 7 left, this girl nong Phim is by far the best, but I can't bear this type of music

    same girl on another show last year, much better all round

    As a 10 year old in 2009 chin char sawan show, this kid has talent, Vip Hyper as judge, scruffy devil!

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