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    Default Help needed on Seperation

    Unfortunately my marriage has broken down and me and my wife are looking to separate, she has 2 years of the 5 years left before she can get ILR. What options does she have to stay? we have a 18month old daughter and i'm aware there is a Visa for parent of British citizen however whats the requirements as she does not work and has no income whatsoever other than child support from me.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    Your wife needs to see an immigration lawyer..I think she can apply for a new visa to stay in the UK as the parent of a UK child but she needs a qualified immigration lawyer really to advise her.

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    this subject came up recently either on here or another Thai related forum, and i think the answer is, there is a system in place for families of British nationals, but its has a long waiting list and is intended/aimed at older family members not mothers of young children. Then there is the cost involved, who will support your child and ex wife, can you afford to run two homes or will it fall to the government.
    I think another solution needs to be found. only you know best you situation and what is workable.
    maybe not the answer you were looking for, but immigration rules are tough in the UK

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    Not sure but maybe she'll have to apply using FLR(FP) Applying as parent of a British child?

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