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    Default Thai Passport expiry


    Been a while since I have been on here but hoping you may be able to help.

    We are due to travel to Thailand on Thursday for just over three weeks (cant wait) but my wife who has ILR, her thai passport expires the 21st of June and we are due to fly back to the UK on the 18 of june.

    I am pretty sure she can fly to Thailand ok as returning to her own country but will she able to fly back to the uk with a thai passport due to expire in two days even through she will have a valid ilr visa?

    Again due to our plans while there we may struggle to be in Bangkok to renew the passport, any one know how long it takes from the regional passport offiices? or if the embassy in Bangkok is open on a sat for passports as we are only currently due in Bangkok for two days

    Thanks for any help


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    Welcome back, stranger!

    I can answer the UK part of your question. No problem returning to the UK with ILR, the passport simply needs to be valid on the date of arrival in the UK.
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    That's great, thanks Tobias we are planning to renew at the local office in Surat Thani but as we only just realised this was the case it doesn't quite fit in to our schedule!

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    When we were over in 2012 my wife renewed her Thai passport in Korat which took about 10 minutes, she received it back by EMS five days later at our house nearby. She will do the same later this year when we are over as although it doesn't run out till mid 2017, we will not get back again until after that.

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