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    Default Chicken intestines & premature chicken eggs

    Hey guys,

    Do you know where i could get chicken intestines in the UK?

    They are used to prepare isaw ng manok - an awesome grilled dish.

    Maybe heard of any restaurants or wholesalers who sell this item?

    Also interested in premature chicken eggs as well as chicken tails - please let me know if there are any restaurants or wholesalers where i could buy those as well.

    Your help is really appreciated,

    Many Thanks,


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    Try SeeWoo - I've seen pig intestines many times, so assume they'd also have chicken.

    If not if you have a Turkish/Arabic/Halal butchers near you they'd probably help you out.

    I'm asssuming the eggs you mean are similar to Philippine 'Balut', not seen them anywhere I'm afraid I'd imagine they may even be illegal due to Salmonella etc.

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    Buy a chicken and rip the guts out. With any luck you'll also find a foetal egg or two.


    Something are best left in Thailand.
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    This may of interest to you. It's from a Canadian who lives in Isaan.

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