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    Default Upcoming road trip ideas...

    Hi everybody. It's been a long time since I've used this forum, which I guess happens a lot when people don't need advice and life's going fairly smoothly...

    We are going to Thailand in November and will be renting a minibus in Bangkok, then heading to Pattaya for a few nights. After this we will go to Buriram and then Koh Chang. These are fairly long journeys and I was wondering if anyone knew of any decent places on the way to stop off for an hour or so to stretch our legs or admire a nice view?

    I know there is always petrol stations and restaurants, but my whole family is going this time so it might be nice to see something different... If there is anything to see!

    Any advice would be appreciated!


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    Hi Matt, You're doing a very similar trip to my forthcoming trip in August. We will be heading from Suvarnabhumi to Khao Yai, then Khao Yai to Buriram, Buriram to Koh Chang, Koh Chang to Pattaya, Pattaya to Bangkok and finally Bangkok - Khao Yai - all except for the last leg, in a rented minibus. Those buses are a very good choice and reasonably priced when you consider how many passengers you'll be carrying. I've rented one before. If you haven't booked one yet, book it as soon as possible - not so many companies have them without a driver and those that are available sell out fast.

    There are plenty of places to visit on that route - depends on what you like. The area around my home in Khao Yai has plenty to see and do - not least the National Park, despite the crazy farang entry fee but that would more than a 'stretch your legs' visit. There's also Choc Chai Farm on highway 2 before Khao Yai/Pak Chong and a few miles further on Lamtakong reservoir which has service areas and viewing points.

    Depending on your route, there are some good viewpoints on the roads over the mountains from Buriram down to Trat and don't forget, the route passes close to the Cambodian border and I seem to remember a massive market close to that.

    Again, depending on your route, there are lots of places to visit on the road from Trat to Rayong. I can't be specific but there are blue tourist signs all over that road. I believe many of these are craft centres.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks flip, that gives me a few ideas, and it's good to know that a lot of places are signposted!

    We have already booked the minibus through Hertz, which we found to be quite reasonable and helpful.

    Every time we have done this route before I have always been in a bus or taxi and more often than not, sleeping. I wish I stayed awake now and took note of places that looked like they were worth stopping at.

    I will check out your suggestions now! Thanks very much!

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    Yes I used Hertz the first time and they were OK but I got a much better deal this time using an online agency who placed the booking with Budget. I sort of fell out with Hertz when the diesel Fortuner I rented through them turned out to be petrol and I had a 3000 mile trip planned.

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    Chanthaburi Province along the coast , Gemstone towns , Waterfalls . Mango-swamps in Trat Province (Mainland) Koh Samet (Rayong) ... Monkey Mountain / Bangsaen Beach (Chonburi) Big Buddha Mountain(Chonburi) Turtle Conservation Centre at the Royal Thai Navy Sattahip (Chonburi)
    Agree with above cowboy country Chockchai / Pak Chong .
    Think some of these are more than a rest stop though .... just ideas if you have spare time .
    bangkok mags

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