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    Default looking for English skype lessons

    Hi everyone, I am looking for skype lessons to teach my wife English here in the uk.

    My wife has recently arrived from Thailand on her settlement visa.
    I am trying to get her a job here in south wales,But so far everyone is requiring a very good level of English.
    We are waiting for her national insurance number to be processed which is going to be like 2 weeks away.
    So i thought while we wait for her NI number, I could improve her English.
    My wife understands me a little bit.
    Maybe 2 weeks is a very short time to improve her English to a better standard.
    My wife has a friend who is working for a agency,But the agency are saying for this job her English needs to be very good.
    The job is just a basic production line job, but my wife would need to understand instructions.

    So looking for advice from anyone on here who has been in the same situation.
    obviously learning English for my wife is beneficial for her.
    Or any other suggestions would be mostly appreciated

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    Look on face book ADAM Bradshaw. That's how my wife is learning. She had a very hard time finding work. But managed to get a housekeeping job in a local hotel. She has only been working one week and her English is slowly getting better

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    In my opinion Skype lessons wouldn't help a lot

    She needs to be around people speaking English everyday. If she's at home then it's hard. She needs to learn conversation. She needs to go shopping, go on buses, go out & about & put herself out there (even if she's a bit nervous), go outside & say hello to a neighbour, slowly it'll sink in.

    Skype isn't in my opinion the way to go.

    I wish her all the best. It'll happen.

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    We never went ahead with skype lessons
    Nok my wife will shortly be in work we are hoping.
    And i agree with your post rocketman

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    I agree that speaking English every day makes a big difference to vocabulary and every day chatting but it doesn't help with pronunciation at all. The two languages are simply too different to be good at without some form of schooling in how to make either the Thai sounds or the English sounds.

    Unless you are two or three years and learning a language for the first time...

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