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    Default Where can I buy Phat krapow (Thai basil) in Scotland?

    The wife decided that she fancied a phat krapow moo gob but our local Asian supermarket (Seewoo in Glasgow) has never had krapow (Thai basil) in stock any time that we went. So now I'm having to cast the net a bit wider. Does anyone know of a shop which stocks Thai basil in Scotland or northern England?

    We brought our last lot over from Thailand last time we had a holiday but it didn't travel well and was not edible after about 4 days.

    Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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    I've never seen Thai Basil in any of the Asian supermarkets in Glasgow but I have found it in Asda of all places! It's in the fruit and veg aisle beside the herbs, you might just find an empty Thai Basil box though, I only find it about 50% of the time.
    I don't know if all Asdas stock it but I've seen it in the Hamilton one (off the M74). They also sell fish sauce and Tao Kae Noi (crispy seaweed) and a few other handy bit and pieces in the Asian aisle.

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    I'll drag the wife around an Asda or two over the next few days and see what we can find. Thanks.

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    I find the dried stuff very acceptable. Maybe she has a friend or family member who can post some over to you. a 500g packet would last ages.
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    Thanks for that, I'll suggest it to her. It could be a good option but she's going to check with Seewoo tomorrow. I just walk behind her with the's the easy option!

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    Seewoo in Glasgow gets their 'Thai' veg on a Monday morning. It is on the 1st cold shelves behind the fruit.
    If it is not there, ask the lady who prepares all the veg if it is in.
    Be aware, the 7/8 Thai restaurants in Glasgow know this in addition to all the excited Thai ladies who make a bee-line.
    Thank god my wife successfully grows her own now.
    From memory, there is an authentic smaller Chinese grocery shop somewhere opposite the Playhouse theatre in Edinburgh that has a fairly extensive Thai section but again, its hit and miss if they have stock.
    Judging others before you have met isn't a wise option.

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