This trip was done in Dec 2014 and Jan 2015 and I would share it with likeminded people on here
Sorting out the trip was not much of a problem as I had a lot of time on my hands whilst working in Iraq
I booked the bike through Rider's Corner Bar & Restaurant - Chiang Mai Bikers Hotel Thailand they are on email All detail on the site
Flights were booked direct with Emirates
My train from BKK to CM was booked through Royal Exclusive Travel - Thailand Travel, Hotel Bangkok, Cambodia Travel and have an email address if anyone wants it. I found them really helpfull and my ticket was waiting for me at my hotel in BKK today

The bike I have booked is a CRF250 L with a rack on the back. I intend on using straps/bungies to fasten my bergan to the back. I brought all my own riding gear with me as I know I can get on with it. I also brought my own tools as there are non provided. But only taking the basics.

For photographing and videoing the trip I will be using my Nokia Lumia and my donated Apple 4s ( so I can use locals sim cards as well as keep my UK one going). I have also got the GoPro Hero 4 with I have used before on many occasions (quality I find to be good) but now I have the Apple I can remote operate it also, tried it and it was good.

I have got the Thailand maps downloaded on my Nokia but can’t get any for Laos. I do have paper maps of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (in case I go) and I will be taking my Silva compass so there will be a bit of old school navigation.
Also got myself a Garmin Montana, using it with Free worldwide Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap which I have found to be great detail, time will tell when I am on the road.

WP_20141103_001 by Wayne 66, on Flickr

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- - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

Arrived at the Bangkok train station in good time as I need to get my ticket for the return journey back to Bangkok on the night of the 18 Jan 2015, managed to get the same type of compartment I have got for this journey. Whilst at the station I passed the time away talking to folk…as you do! Some German girls, but its been along time since I used any German and a couple from the UK. It was a good time and it passed the time.
In typical Thai train times we set off late, but only by 20 mins so that was not too bad. The compartment was ok but a little cramped and there was no way to lock the door once you left. Once we set off I went to the restaurant car for some food and it was very nice, ‘seafood spicy platter’ had it with a coke and a smile. No beer allowed on the train due to an incident previous. If you need anymore info on trains in Thailand then I suggest The Man in Seat Sixty-One - the train travel guide...
as the website to use, its very informative. I went to sleep at about 2230hrs and was awake again at 0230hrs shaking like a rabid dog, what with the temperature drop further up north and the aircon in the compartment I was freezing, I could not find a way to turn the aircon off so back on with the trousers and my fleece which I had on me with flying from the UK, problem sorted and eventually awoke again at 0650hrs. Coffee time!

I am sat on the train still as I am typing this in note form ready to do an update as and when I can, using the time wisely, how long will that last?! Looking out the window the scenery is great and I am looking forward to getting the bike tomorrow and setting off.
Arrived at Riderscorner, got my room 380Bht for one night with aircon
Time to chill and sort out the kit ready for tomorrow.

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Hua Lamphong Station, BKK

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IMG_0253 by Wayne 66, on Flickr
Japanese Rail carriage and my compartment

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IMG_0255 by Wayne 66, on Flickr
Rider's Corner Bar & Restaurant - Chiang Mai Bikers Hotel Thailand